World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day, we remind ourselves that there will be times in all our lives where we will have greater stresses and may experience anxiety or depression as a result. It is at these times most people become more insular and isolated. It is imperative, however, to reach out in those times of helplessness and isolation. A GP, psychologist, counselor or natural health practitioner working in this area will assist you through this, back to a healthier state. If the practitioner or modality you have chosen doesn’t seem to be working for you, keep going until you find the one that fits.


I received a testimonial this week from a client who had been experiencing depression for years. I’d like to share it here, to give hope to others who are going through a similar situation, that there will be someone who can help you through it – just reach out.


“I have suffered from depression since my teens, but since having children along with that I was dealing with stress and anxiety and all the struggles of having young children. I had been seeing a psychologist for a year which I was finding very helpful with my struggles but I read a blog about kinesiology and thought that could be something else to help me back on a more happier, calmer path. So I did some research and I came across Fiona. I had 4 sessions in the space of 6 weeks with her. Before going in I didn’t really know what to expect but I walked out feeling physically lighter it was an amazing, relaxing feeling. Along the way Fiona had also taught me different techniques to use at home to help with staying calm, she was always helpful and there for support out of sessions. I originally went to Fiona in hope of finding more peace and calm dealing with two small children but in just 4 sessions I got so much more, I feel like I’ve had a weight lifted off my shoulders and I have a sense of clarity. Life just seems easier and I feel more in control. I highly recommend Fiona and her practice, she can be helpful with so many things you wouldn’t have thought imaginable and she gives you the tools to use to continue along your merry way.”


Here’s a great list from Mental Health Australia that will also help to keep you healthier and happier:

  • Make an effort to eat healthily
  • Make time to socialise with family or friends
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Exercise for at least ten minutes at one time
  • Keep the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs as limited as possible
  • Take the time to carefully plan and prioritise work and personal commitments
  • Listen to music while working or studying
  • Consciously ensure times without electronic devices
  • Participate in a club, society or sporting activity
  • Seek advice or support when feeling down or stressed


Wherever you are, there will be someone who can help you, either in person or over the phone or internet. Reach out and make that call. Life is so much lighter when we share our troubles and have someone who will walk beside us until we are back on our path again.


* for more information please visit (by Mental Health Australia)



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