Like further understanding on what to expect and how to best integrate following personal /spiritual development workshops? I’ve had an email from a lovely client /friend who has been feeling a little disconnected and shaky around the time of a workshop and I’m sharing part of my reply here, if anyone needs a little more too:

…..You may be integrating and processing still, so be gentle on yourself. Have lots of water and rest where possible. Relaxing baths etc. Of course, if you feel it’s something medically going on and you are worried, see your doctor to ensure all is okay.

Often before workshops, issues and challenges arise as we are subconsciously preparing to flush out our issues, outdated beliefs etc at workshops. So too afterwards as we shift and let go, there is a readjustment that takes place. This can be gentle, or may be more challenging. Either way, following personal/spiritual development workshops it is ideal to schedule the following day with some rest periods. Take things easy, have lots of water, eat nourishing foods, spend some quiet time in nature, have a relaxing bath. Book some time off for you – let calls go to voice mail, leave emails and social media for a day or so, you’ll feel a sense of freedom. If it feels appropriate do some writing, don’t structure what you need to write, just let the words tumble out on to the paper. This assists your mind to process, to make meaning and to expel any remaining stuck energy (beliefs systems, thought patterns) from your mind and body. Give yourself the opportunity for energy to flow.

Change is good. Change is our life-long companion and will either be our friend, or our foe, depending on choice of our perspective. By being gentle and nurturing ourselves following transformative workshops, we allow integration in with greater ease and grace. Letting go, we relax and create space to gently start building the new.

Wishing you a relaxing and graceful integration time just for you

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