Too Busy

Too Busy

How is your 2015 going? Are you achieving those goals you set yourself? Perhaps you are too busy to even start? Well, you’re not alone. The “too busy” excuse comes up quite often to prevent us attaining our goals.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to admit that life can get hectic at times, that we put so much on our plate and have so many projects on the boil that we logistically have little time for anything new. Thankfully, life generally has a way of freeing up some time eventually and things seems to move back into balance. Life’s like that. Cycles. For those hectic hamster-in-a-wheel times, it’s beneficial to know what day, week or month you anticipate that life will ease up again. Looking at that light of the end of the tunnel, or just knowing it is there, reassures us that balance will eventually come around again. This produces such a calming “I can get through this” feeling. In the meantime, prioritise tasks, put good support systems in place and keep juggling as best you can.


We’ve established the fact that yes, life does indeed get busy sometimes, however it’s the other “too busy” times we’re talking about here. Those instances when you manage to make time for watching TV, or spend hours on social media or the internet, yet you find yourself “too busy” to do what you said you would really like to do. This auto-response of “too busy” can sometimes actually be our inner resistance and in a way, acts like a sabotage pattern.


If left unchecked, this resistance can lead you down a path of unrealized dreams and dissatisfaction. All is not lost, however, there is a way out! Awareness is key and leads the way in this 4-step process.


Here’s how to check if you actually are in fact too busy, or are instead just using the “too busy” excuse…


  • Awareness. Take time out for a few minutes to reflect on happenings. Have you been participating in some time-wasting behaviours? Be honest with yourself, it’s okay. If no time-wasting behaviours can be recollected, then accept that you are in an active period and adjust your life where necessary to bring balance in the interim. If, however, you’ve answered yes to this question, then accept that you may have some inner resistance running. You will then find benefit in continuing the process below.
  • Ask questions. The next step is to delve a little deeper by asking yourself some questions such as “What am I resisting?”, “What is my fear here?”. Some people can do this effectively through thought, through speaking it out aloud, or through journaling. Giving yourself time to explore this through journaling usually provides the best content and results. Find the method that works best for you.
  • Acceptance. Accept the answers that come to you. Accept that there is resistance. Accept that you are human and as such, are perfectly imperfect. Ignoring or denying our flaws, challenges or blocks leads us no further than at the point we currently find ourselves. We invariably have so much further to go if we’re courageous enough to be open, aware and accepting.
  • Action. Once you have become aware of the resistance or block and have looked further into it through the questions, you will likely feel the initial resistance now begin to ease or soften. Take that further now with useful action. What one thing could you do right now to move you from inaction to action? Take a breath and make that phone call, find that piece of information, clean that one corner of the room, whatever it is that moves you out of that old state of being stuck. One tiny action now will help break that hold, start moving you in the right direction and along your path to your goal.


Remember, it’s the little steps that are important. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao-tzu.


Published in The Fitness Report,”Emotional Fitness” column, Autumn Issue 2015 Vol 3. 

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