Releasing Rigidity

Releasing Rigidity

Releasing rigidity and opening to new awareness, utilising visualisation…


It would be a sad day indeed when human beings begin to no longer question or think critically, to live in rigidity. We sometimes make the mistake of equating rigidity with strength, however even mountains, exuding strength and higher perspective, are open to change and movement. The reality is that our technology changes, our life changes, our world changes. We create, we implement, we adapt. We also review. To think at any time we hold all the knowledge and close off to more understanding and awareness is a step away from evolution towards devolution. Avocados that are one year considered fat-laden and unhealthy are the next year found to be highly beneficial.  There is always more to learn, more to open to.

Are you open, or closed to new information and understandings? Your body can help you determine the answer. If a topic comes up and you find yourself passionately moving into a defence or attack position, your breath will likely be held, your shoulders tight. If you are open to new awareness, your body feels soft, there is no rigidity and you allow yourself the exploration. You do your own research, allow a state of objectivity or non-judgement, then run it by your own filters and make your own decision, one that sits comfortably with you.

If you feel the rigidity, then perhaps you are in defence mode. Ask yourself what it is that you are defending. Is it a belief, is it information that you were told, upon which you then based a complex of understandings, perhaps you even based your work upon it. It is understandable therefore that you would feel an initial resistance.

Don’t leave it there however. Go further. Take a breath, allow your body to soften and let go of the rigidity, of the resistance. For those who work well with visualisation, try laying flat on the floor or ground. Visualise the plates of the earth, the pressure being built up, the plates moving and sighing as they let go and release that pressure, that resistance. Willingness to release and let go is pivotal. Consciously let go as you exhale.

Once you have felt this release, engage fluidity and explore the “What if’s?” What if this new information is indeed true? What will an increased openness, or this new information mean for my life, my work, my way of interacting with the world? This point is where many would give up, turn away, take the “ignorance is bliss” route. There is so much more to be had, however, right here in this challenge.

Again, take a breath and allow possibilities of how this new awareness could now evolve my life, my work, my way of interacting with the world? Here is where we really start to create, to build something exciting, to put out into the world, something which is so potentially beneficial, inspiring and useful! We are not here to reproduce others’ beliefs and replicate their thinking. We are here to grow our understanding, to evolve our own minds and lives and in doing so, assist in the evolution of our communities and the world in which we live.


(Mount Shasta, California image by Amorah Quan Yin)

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