Kinesiology Consultations


New streamlined 1hr energy session
Experience re-balancing of your neural pathways, energy centres (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians). Through muscle testing discover the messages you most need to know right now, from your own innate wisdom or higher self.

Feel more aligned, balanced and connected. Come in for a quick tune-up, get back on track and flow through life more easily. 1hr

Health fund rebates apply for in-person sessions

Skype sessions are also available 

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Ideal for learning to deal with stress, changing thought or behavioural patterns & moving through deeper issues.

Be assisted to move through old “stuck” states to embrace a life of greater clarity, balance and personal empowerment.

1.5 hrs

Health fund rebates apply for in-person sessions

Skype session are also available


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Complete Process

The number of sessions required varies due to the individual person and their circumstance. For most people, 3 to 5 sessions are all that’s required to produce effective results and deep-level change.

Occasionally, some clients have required only one or two sessions.  I recommend to book in for the initial session with the follow up session scheduled 1 -2 weeks later.  Please phone or email to discuss what may best suit you.


Body work
Colour therapy
Age regression
Energy work / Reiki
Mental Fitness Exercises
Emotional Stress Release
Meditation / Deep Relaxation
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Cognitive Style & Learner Preference analysis

Key Benefits

Think more clearly & calmly
Improve heath & well-being
Achieve greater peace of mind
Reduce & more effectively manage stress & anxiety
Gain greater clarity on issues, goals & direction
Increase self-esteem & confidence
Enhance learning & academic performance
Improve sports performance & co-ordination
Relief from various physical complaints
Assist clearing of fears & phobias
Release past restrictions

Who can benefit

People of all ages can benefit from kinesiology.

Kinesiology promotes wellness and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines or other complementary healing modalities. Kinesiology practitioners do not diagnose disease nor do they prescribe medication.

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