Aligning Your Energy

Aligning Your Energy

This morning started with meditation before dawn, followed by qi gong after breakfast. Do I do this every morning? No. I’m human. I get busy. Some days I’m either off and running or feel like languishing amongst the covers a little longer. The days I do commit to this morning ritual, I feel even more aligned and connected.

I have been enjoying personal & spiritual development workshops for many years. As a participant, as a teacher and as a host for other teachers. I love them. They are an opportunity to learn, grow and become bigger and better than we allowed ourselves to be yesterday. They connect, they share, they spark the eyes and hearts of all who allow themselves to open. The next workshop coming up on my schedule, I will be a participant. I find myself already aligning with the teacher’s energy, the focus, the intent of the workshop. Work is already being done. Synchronicities are happening, I am writing and later discover the teacher is writing similar at the same time. I went to post a quote yesterday and I found the teacher posted the same quote. This is one example of energy aligned.

Who’s energy are you aligning with? What are your focuses over the year? What stepping stones have you laid out to take your higher path through life? If you know your life’s purpose this may be easier. If you are not aware of your life’s purpose as yet, then at least holding conscious awareness that as a human being it is your ultimate purpose to love, to learn, to evolve. What workshops, training, therapies, experiences may help you do that? They are different for different people. You will feel what is right for you. When you are aligned with Universal Energy, Universal Timing, you “know”.

What happens when you are unsure or feel indecisive and restless? Then come back to you. Reconnect to yourself. Balance your energy and align yourself to you, and the Universe/God/Spirit/Creator/Life Force. Terminology is not important here, it is the awareness of the energy of the greater consciousness, whatever your personal preference for its name.

How to align your energy? Spend time out in nature, connect, relax, breathe deeply, meditate, practise self-care, nourish and nurture the self, experience a healing modality.
Part of my life purpose is to help people balance their energy, reconnect to themselves so that they may then reconnect to the Universe/God… It is then that the human being is more in sync and more available to grow, learn, love and open up to the greater potential that we all have within us.

If you need assistance to reconnect and feel aligned, I have 1 hr energy balances specifically dedicated for this. I am also excited to hold my new workshop “Energy 101”, so please keep an eye out through the events, or send me a message for me to keep you in the loop.

Wishing you alignment and connection

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