About Fiona

With over 15 years teaching children, adults and other teachers in the education system and in private industry, Fiona’s passion continues to focus on how we best learn and develop, in order to live our full potential.

Fiona’s educational tools and strategies combine effectively with the many kinesiology techniques to address Learning, Performance and Well-being issues as well as Personal growth and Transformation. She has a passion for assisting clients release issues from the past, so that they can freely embrace the future.

Fiona uses a holistic approach to her work. The techniques used are non-invasive, gentle yet empowering.

Training and Education

M.Ed B.Ed Dip.T
Registered Teacher
Diploma of Kinesiology
Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner
Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor
Three-in-One Concepts Kinesiology
Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology
Reiki Master/Teacher
Member of ATMS, AKA

“My interest in education and kinesiology centres on assisting people to identify and move through their blocks to learning, living and change.
Through releasing old habits of learning and ways of being that no longer support us we are free to embrace positive change, move into optimum learning and align with our full potential”

About Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a complementary medicine that uses a gentle technique called muscle monitoring to identify imbalances or stress in the body or brain. This physiological or neurological stress or imbalance may be directly attributed to a situation, memory, behaviour or substance.

Kinesiology promotes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing by helping bring to light and working with the underlying cause of the issue, restoring balance. It is a non-invasive and effective healing modality that uses a combination of techniques in a holistic approach to mind/body health issues. This positions the body to better heal itself and to reach a specific goal.

Kinesiology is useful in improving all aspects of your life including; enhancing physical and mental performance; relieving stress and anxiety; assisting learning and behavioural issues; clearing phobias; raising self-esteem and self-confidence; and supporting life transitions.

The number of sessions required varies due to the individual person and their circumstance. For most people, 3 to 5 sessions are all that’s required to produce effective results. Occasionally, a person may just decide on one session and leave with some information, tips and techniques that they can use to assist them in their life or learning situation, however, for effective, deep-level change, most people find that results are best achieved with 3 to 5 sessions. It is here that kinesiology really comes into its own as many previously hidden layers of the situation, as well as various sabotage patterns will have arisen and been worked through.

Additionally, after the clearing of the initial issue, some clients have chosen to book in later for maintenance/further advancement sessions (anywhere from 2 – 4 sessions over the course of a year). The feedback has been that through this they have felt “on top of things”, that they have enjoyed being more proactive in their lives, not waiting until issues become too overwhelming. Please consider this as an option for further support afterwards for you too, should you choose.

Kinesiology promotes wellness and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines or other complementary healing modalities. Kinesiology practitioners do not diagnose disease nor do they prescribe medication. We recommend the client seek professional medical advice about any symptoms or illnesses. Techniques are performed without the removal of clothing and are a safe, non-invasive and highly effective way to support your body to heal itself.

Each consultation explores the issues of concern in a safe and confidential environment to help establish your outcomes for the session. Muscle monitoring helps guide the process of identifying and defusing stress factors.


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“I had got to a point where I felt my whole work/ life balance was way out of alignment and sending me into a rapid downward spiral, but what became obvious in the first session was my mind/ body balance was the real issue. What transpired through the sessions not only helped to stop the downward spiral, but launched a rejuvenated and positive outlook for both my mind and body. I had been battling a number of “demons” for a long time and whilst some methods were sporadically successful, I have now been able to overcome these through an understanding of my body balance. It is quite amazing how much your body tells you – and how much we don’t listen! However, through these sessions, I have also discovered how much we can tell our body if we are prepared to let it listen! My awareness and acknowledgement has grown and helped me to manage my health and stress in a more confident and sustainable manner and helped me rediscover – and more importantly, enjoy again – the people and purpose that matter most in my life. The support given by Fiona has ensured I keep a constant check of things and cannot thank her enough for helping bring my life back on track!”

Don Banking

Representative Sellicks Beach


“I have been using Kinesiology as a way of life for 20-odd years, it is a brilliant way to reprogram our beliefs / habits etc… Our body holds the emotions we don’t process correctly in all sorts of areas. This is the core to all our illness. Kinesiology is the only way I have found that assists in bringing about shifts in one’s consciousness. Fiona is an excellent Kinesiologist, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to really make positive changes in their life.”

Helen McGrice
Numerologist/ Massage Therapist Aldinga


“I went to see Fiona for help with feelings of anxiety and disconnection from myself. I was feeling overwhelmed with loss of my personal power and I could easily fall into self-doubt and criticism. I have learnt through Kinesiology and Fiona’s skill to tap into the wisdom that my body holds and how it wants to heal me. I grew up with a lot of fear and negativity after my mother died when I was 7, I was sent to a home and on the weekends I was expected to be the “mother figure” for the family. Fiona’s skill is guiding me through releasing self sabotage and negative patterns that my body finds no longer useful and helping me to reprogram achievable goals. I am challenged and my levels of trust and self belief are growing. Kinesiology is a gentle and non-invasive practise. I feel gently supported and encouraged as I work through, deal with and release ineffective life patterns.”

Angela Adelaide


“I had been experiencing distress in my university studies, failing a very important exam. I was given another chance to re-sit the exam but I was in such a stressed state about it that I walked out of the exam room early, unable to complete it, and therefore received another fail mark. I was then given a third and final chance to re-sit the exam, and was informed that if I failed it this time, I would be out of the entire course! With Fiona’s help through kinesiology balancing and some techniques she gave me to do for further support leading up to and during the exam, on my third and final attempt at the exam I was able to comfortably sit through it and pass. I actually felt good through the exam and on leaving the exam room felt confident that I had “aced it”. I now have my degree and also some techniques that I can use to help calm myself. Thanks Fiona!”

Company Director & part-time Uni student (now graduated!) Adelaide


“I was experiencing pain in my shoulder for a period of several months and I had tried a number of things to alleviate the pain, unsuccessfully. I had never experienced kinesiology until Fiona suggested I give it a try. Some emotions were identified during the session and briefly talked through and we did a gentle finger pressure correction on my arm & shoulder. At the end of the session I was very happily surprised to note that the pain in my shoulder had completely gone. It has now been 3 years since that session and I am very happy to say that the pain never returned. I have since recommended Fiona and Kinesiology to others, for a variety of different situations.”

Registered Nurse Adelaide


“I have suffered from depression since my teens, but since having children along with that I was dealing with stress and anxiety and all the struggles of having young children. I had been seeing a psychologist for a year which I was finding very helpful with my struggles but I read a blog about kinesiology and thought that could be something else to help me back on a more happier calmer path. So I did some research and I came across Fiona. I had 4 sessions in the space of 6 weeks with her. Before going in I didn’t really know what to expect but I walked out feeling physically lighter, it was an amazing relaxing feeling. Along the way Fiona had also taught me different techniques to use at home to help with staying calm, she was always helpful and there for support out of sessions. I originally went to Fiona in hope of finding more peace and calm dealing with two small children but in just 4 sessions I got so much more, I feel like I’ve had a weight lifted off my shoulders and I have a sense of clarity. Life just seems easier and I feel more in control. I highly recommend Fiona and her practice, she can be helpful with so many things you wouldn’t have thought imaginable and she gives you the tools to use to continue along your merry way.”
Tamara ~ Adelaide