About Fiona

With over 15 years teaching children, adults and other teachers in the education system and in private industry, Fiona’s passion continues to focus on how we best learn and develop, in order to live our full potential.

Fiona’s educational tools and strategies combine effectively with the many kinesiology techniques to address Learning, Performance and Well-being issues as well as Personal growth and Transformation. She has a passion for assisting clients release issues from the past, so that they can freely embrace the future.

Fiona uses a holistic approach to her work. The techniques used are non-invasive, gentle yet empowering.

Training and Education

M.Ed B.Ed Dip.T
Registered Teacher
Diploma of Kinesiology
Registered Specialised Kinesioogy Practitioner
Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner & Instructor
Three-in-One Concepts Kinesioloy
Neuro-Linguistic Kinesioloy
Reiki Master/Teacher
Member of ATMS, AKA

“My interest in education and kinesiology centres on assisting people to identify and move through their blocks to learning, living and change.
Through releasing old habits of learning and ways of being that no longer support us we are free to embrace positive change, move into optimum learning and align with our full potential” – Fiona Cross